The Future of the Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary


Dagfinn Solheim


Invited presentation at the 60 years anniversary of Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary, Japan. 

   We want to congratulate KLTS with the 60 years Anniversary. In the last 60 years so many dedicated pastors and Christian workers have graduated from KLTS. In 1984 the Seminary was accredited M.Div degree by Asia Theological Association. That is the proof of excellent education. This is one true mark of the KLTS. The other is the faithfulness to the foundation of the Seminary: Faithful to the Bible, confession, and history of the Seminary. On this solid foundation the Seminary must continue in the future (The House built on the rock). In 1973 NMS joined the Seminary and then four organizations joined the Seminary and the Board (NLM, WJElC, Kinki and NMS). Now this has changed. 

   In addition to this solid foundation the school must clarify the Goal for the future, the purpose and mission of the school, and a motto. 


Solheim, D. (2017). The Future of the Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary. EMissio, 2, 165-168. Hentet fra

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